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Salesjar: sell everything in 30 seconds or less

August 18, 2020


I love the things that are the simplest as possible.

I know you don’t have time to make a marketplace or e-commerce from scratch. In fact, some steps to follow to create a new website, or especially e-commerce, require more time than you think, for example:

  1. If you don’t have hard skills to make it, you need to search for a web developer that make the dirty things for you,
  2. If you have the skills to make a website, you need to choose a tech stack to use, like LAMP or MEAN,
  3. The third step is about the infrastructure you need to use to make all things work correctly,
  4. And finally, you can start your project;

The project can require 6-7 months, but, at the end of the project, maybe you don’t have the same enthusiasm of the beginning or you wasted so much time that your competitors have already made thousands of sales.

In this life, you haven’t so much time. For this, Salesjar is born.

The main features that I want to make for the first release are:

  • The possibility to make one or more stores in 30 seconds or less, so you can start your business as soon as possible,
  • The possibility to customize your store with some pre-installed themes, each one with their colours and background,
  • The possibility to drag-and-drop some elements on the blank page, like sliders or products list, and others (initially there will be only a few elements, of course),
  • The possibility to access to your admin and manage your stores, with some CRUD features:

    • Create a product with name, description, price and one image,
    • Update a product,
    • Delete a product,
    • Clone a product;
  • The possibility to access to your dashboard and manage sales and other information like the customers’ addresses and so on;

For now, that’s all.

Java + Angular: simply love!

The tech stack is a personal choice. In fact, I choose Java with Spring-Boot framework for the back-end, and Angular framework for the front-end.

I could make this project also with Laravel, or with Ruby on Rails because there are so many frameworks and programming language, but the power of an idea is not the programming language you used to make it, but the idea itself and how to implement it and in how many time you introduce it to the market.

In the next article, I will expose the schema of the application, so the workflow that a specific user can follow to create a store and start to sell something. I wouldn’t be extremely technic because I do not want to annoying someone with charts or UML diagrams.

Best regards guys.

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